As the proportion of electronics in commercial vehicles keeps growing, experts predict that within the next few years, electronics will make up 30% of the material value of the vehicle. At Cronins we carry an extensive range of auto electrical and electronic components to meet our customer needs. Our product range includes magnetic switches, electronic coils, temperature sensor, rocker switches, short adapters and much more.

Parts include: front lighting, combination rear lights, side marker lights, auxiliary lights, Work lights, interior lights, beacons, daytime running lights, Halogen, Xenon, performance headlamps, Halogen, Xenon, LED customer-specific module headlights, LED innovative side marker, position and clearance lights, LED position lights, LED side marker, position and clearance lights, jumbo 320 Xenon additional headlight with LED position lights, Halogen, LED Luminator Chromium, Luminator Xenon, Rallye 3003, LED Power Beam & Halogen Ultra Beam, K-LED FO beacon with Fresnel lens, Xenon KLX Junior Plus, yellow beacons, trailer plug/sockets/coils, looms, junction boxes, harnesses…

Call Cronins Commercial at 023-884-5498 for all your auto electrical needs or if you need more information about our autoelectric service options.


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