For over sixty years Mecc Alte has been the industry leader in generator manufacturing and leads the way in world production of synchronous alternators. Cronin Commercial & Repair Company is an authorised dealer for MeccAlte alernators and generators and carry a comprehensive range in stock. If you need dependable backup electric power in your business, farm or home, choose from the MeccAlte range of PTO powered generators in stock at Cronins Commercial. Please login to see generator prices.

PTO Generator Range

A generator is basically an engine powering an alternator. If you have a tractor, you already have a powerful engine ready to be connected to a PTO alternator which means you now have a generator ready to convert the supplied power into electricty.

PTO powered generators are the perfect solution for providing portable power on and around your farm. You can operate power tools far from distant electric power outlets. Plus you can use a manual transfer switch to restore power to a house, barn, milking parlour or other buildings during a power outage. The Mecc Alte PTO generators from Cronin Commercial in Dunmanway are robust in design and available in both single phase and three phase.

West Cork & Cork Emergency Generator Service

With the unpredictable and extreme weather we’ve experienced over recent winters which have often led to electric power outages, we highly encourage our customers to have an electric generator on hand for such emergencies. However, customers needing a power generator anywhere in Cork and West Cork can usually depend on us to have a PTO powered generator or other self propelled electric generator available during normal opening hours at our premises in Dunmanway.

Cronin Commercial will provide the advice and help you need to match the right alternator to your PTO driveshaft and help you get power restored on the farm or business as quickly as possible. We carry a varied range of electric generating sets, portable generators and PTO generators as well as parts and spares for each model. Please login to see generator prices.

Call Cronins Commercial at 023-884-5498 for all your electric generator needs, or if you just need more information about the Mecc Alte range of portable alternators.

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