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Cronin Commercial & Repair Co. Ltd., has been established in Dunmanway since 1979 and is a well known family run business in West Cork. Cronin Precision Engineering Ltd., is located nearby. The business is located about six kilometres outside Dunmanway town. Operating out of an ultra-convenient, location, we are proud to run one of the country’s most popular VTN centres.

Because Cronin Commercial & Repair Co. Ltd. is a family business, we thrive on providing a strong personal touch. Michael Cronin is the Managing Director and he is joined in the running of the company by his brothers Denis, Jim and Pat. Kevin Hurley manages the VTN (CVRT) test centre. He joined the team in 1988, nine years after its inception, and has been overseeing the testing side of things for 20 years now. “Testing started here in 1983, which is when the compulsory tests were introduced nationwide, and we’ve been providing that service ever since.”

Cronin Commercial & Repair Co Ltd.

Cronin Commercial & Repair Co Ltd. Dunmanway, Co Cork

The perfect location with ample free parking also allows Cronin Commercial & Repair to cover a wide catchment area: “We’re out in the country and we have a big area around us, with a lot of operators nearby,” Kevin confirms. When we started, our customers were mainly from County Cork but now we are proud of the fact that our customer base has expanded all over Ireland. We have an excellent operation here and we’re extremely convenient to find. A bus or truck driver coming for the test doesn’t have to worry about traffic congestion or difficulty getting in or out of our spacious location. He also knows that the test will be conducted properly while relaxing or catching up on emails in the comfortable waiting room. We also provide pre-tests so that the driver or vehicle owner can find out if any adjustments or repairs are needed before proceeding with the actual test itself. Book your next CVRT test at Cronins Commercial and see for yourself.

Contact Cronin Commercials at 023-8845498 for more details.

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