Today’s bus, truck, agricultural and construction equipment have unique requirements, particularly the need for greater filtration capability. We have in stock the leading heavy duty filter brands offering proven technology to protect your equipment where it matters most. If you already know the OEM part number or a competitor number for the filter you need, go to our Catalogue Parts Finder and find the right filter for your equipment now from our large stock.

With the many air filter, air purifier, cabin filter, fuel filter, oil filter, hydraulic filter, pollen filter and coolant filter choices on the market in Ireland today, it is more important than Heavy Duty Filtersever to select a brand you can depend on to maintain your vehicles and equipment to the highest standards of performance and protection. With world class brands like Baldwin, Fleetguard, Luber-finer and Mann you are guaranteed reliable performance and maximum protection for the life of your engines and equipment.

We stock an extensive range of heavy duty filters – including air filters, air dryers, fuel/water separators, hydraulic filters and much more for all makes of heavy and medium duty lorries, buses, construction equipment and marine applications – so chances are we will have your filter when you need it. We carry replacement filters for CAT, Cummins, Scania, Volvo and almost every heavy duty engine used in Ireland. We also carry a large range covering heavy duty Asian equipment including Hitachi filters, Komatsu filters, Daewoo filters, Samsung filters and more. We also supply filters for older UK lorries and trucks, like Atkinson, ERF and Foden including Foden S104 trucks, Foden S106 trucks, Foden S108 trucks, Leyland Roadrunner trucks and other models.

Air Filters, Housings & Accessories

Air filter products stocked include: Air Driers, Outer Air Filters, Safety Filters, Inner Air Filters, Cabin Air Filters, Compact Air Filters, Panel Filters, Radial Seal Filters, Air Breathers, Conical Air filters, Air Filter Housings, Desiccant Breathers, Hydraulic Breather Filters…

Oil Filters, Cartridge & Spin-on, Housings, Mounting Heads
Oil filter products stocked include: Spin-on Oil Filters, Cartridge Oil Filters, Eco Oil Filters, Oil Filter Mounting Heads, Oil Filter Housings, Bypass Oil Filters, Turbo Filters, Oil Centrifuges, Oil Filter Wrenchs, Oil Filter Removal Tools..
Fuel Filters, Fuel/Water Separators, Fuel Managers, Fuel Filter Housings
Fuel filter products stocked include: Replacement Cartridge Fuel Filters, Spin-on Fuel Filters, Eco Fuel Filters, Fuel/Water Separators, F/W Separators, Fuel Filter Housings, Fuel Filter Mounting Heads, Fuel Filter Heaters, OE Replacement Fuel Filters…
Hydraulic Filters, Transmission Filters, Pressure Filters, Hydraulic Housings
Hydraulic filters stocked include: Replacement Hydraulic Cartridge Filters, Replacement Spin-on Hydraulic Filters, Transmission Filters, High Pressure Hydraulic Filters, Hydraulic Filter Mounting Heads, Torque Converter Filters, Compressor Filters, Pilot Filters…

Mann Cabin Air Filters

Luberfiner in Europe

Cummins Engine Fuel Filter Replacement

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